So many sweeties you’ve let to drop in
So many devotees have stopped in between

But of the lovers you’ve strived to gain
you think they’re all finished in seamless vain
and scratch on you an unbearable pain

This I tell you as a friend
Just when you feel you’ve come to an end

There’s a lot forward to live and learn
There’s plenty beyond to give and earn
For I see the lively future ahead of you
Among the best you can lean into

Life is a zest of man-to-man show rig
No time to rest but go on with the gig

Embrace your soul in love once more
Don’t mind the role and don’t sweat the sore
There’ll be someone for you to adore

Hearts were not made to be broken
Instead they were created for life to arise
Yet this world is cruel, not at all paradise
Such a life is waiting to be beaten

August 19, 2003


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