It’s a beautiful day – the sun is shining
The birds are flying – and my heart is waltzing
Everybody asks me, what’s going on?
I don’t know, I’m just humming on my own

What a beautiful living – makes me feel alive
Everybody’s stunning – for such extraordinary jive
My love really knows, if I’m only dreaming
But I don’t care, as it’s just a beginning

May 29, 2002



So many sweeties you’ve let to drop in
So many devotees have stopped in between

But of the lovers you’ve strived to gain
you think they’re all finished in seamless vain
and scratch on you an unbearable pain

This I tell you as a friend
Just when you feel you’ve come to an end

There’s a lot forward to live and learn
There’s plenty beyond to give and earn
For I see the lively future ahead of you
Among the best you can lean into

Life is a zest of man-to-man show rig
No time to rest but go on with the gig

Embrace your soul in love once more
Don’t mind the role and don’t sweat the sore
There’ll be someone for you to adore

Hearts were not made to be broken
Instead they were created for life to arise
Yet this world is cruel, not at all paradise
Such a life is waiting to be beaten

August 19, 2003


There was a rose blooming in the spring garden
Probably the best part that’s ever given
Glowing nicely in the morning dew
Invites everyone to share the view

I walked here just alone
Trying to find peace to the bone
Looking for true love all around
To be the luckiest man in town

But that rose has gone withered
and also my hope has now scattered
Honey, seems that you’ve been bothered

I did gratefully pray
Spent the whole night and day
Just encourage myself to say
That you’ll come nearer someday

But be a man must be wise
Giving all his belongings to sacrifice
Even in the way of disguise

And if I didn’t find what I seek
I just couldn’t be a freak

Sure, it may not that easy to speak…

Nobody knows what will happen
though I still can feel the sense of heaven
in this wonderful spring garden

March 23, 2001


The silence has made me cry
Because ev’rything has gone, and so her love is away

Wake up, suffering soul!
Your fate is stretched and your pain is released
God be my witness, whom I lean my heart to
Thou I shalt say this before and after

I’ll wait for the summer of love
And I pick a rose of romance
So I can let the fragrance touch upon your side

Everybody’s watching
Everybody’s hoping
Everybody’s wondering

And what now, honey?
Or is this just the beginning of the end?


Beneath the stars laying here side by side
Really make the sense of what is going on

We are destined to be body and soul
Facing the truth hand-in-hand altogether
Blending every little inch of our life whatsoever
Don’t even care of every foolish laughter

Carefully caress your hair in a gently way
I do remember to be very frankly
Remember those sacred words I long to say

If this is a dream please don’t wake me up
If this is a fantasy please don’t shake it up
For this is the moment of love
It comes and eventually go away

In the still of the night
I only ever wish if I might…


Oh sexy lady
You’re shocking everybody with your blazing grace

Oh sexy lady
My brain is seething and my blood is on fire
Having you inside burning my wildest attire

Oh sexy lady
How you have shaken the world
One finest word won’t fit them all

Oh sexy lady
You’re making me such a fool
On your bewildered rule

Oh sexy lady
You’re talking about sex, drugs, dirty criminal
Plus dozens little things I don’t understand at all

Have you been acting like an animal?
Such a manner I can’t even imagine that abysmal

Give me your best shot in mind
The first line is given and the rest is yours to find…